This is me, Tim Adler.

I'm a technology-enthusiast, project-whisperer and developer.

Here on I show my work and share my thoughts.

The one IT skill I wished everybody had

There is a big gap in understanding between developers and business-people. Sometimes we are not aware of this gap, for example when we engage in emotional arguments about "how long things will take" or "if refactoring or features are more important...

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A new Ruby-gem for the Giantbomb API

You know, I really like videogames. I also really like structured data about stuff. e.g. IMDB or TheMovieDB. When it comes to data for videogames the best place for structured data is hidden in the editorial content of Giantbomb. They also offer a...

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From my portfolio


Productish is a podcast about the challenges and common conflicts in modern product-development. I am a permanent co-host there.

Pay With A Tweet

Pay With A Tweet is a software-as-a-service to allow your to spark referal-marketing for your product. I did the tech-project-management and a lot of the code.

Open Flair

Open Flair is an open-air music festival which is happening on a yearly basis in Eschwege Germany. I worked on the frontend and design of the website.