This is me, Tim Adler.

I'm a technology-enthusiast, project-whisperer and developer.

Here on I show my work and share my thoughts.

Fixing failing SSL-certificate verification for Ruby under Windows

A while ago I wrote a little piece that was ment to safe people from the SSL-certificate problems that might occur using RVM. For the past year this problem has not gone away and still exists today.

Since I just had to fix it on Windows, I thought...

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The one IT skill I wished everybody had

There is a big gap in understanding between developers and business-people. Sometimes we are not aware of this gap, for example when we engage in emotional arguments about "how long things will take" or "if refactoring or features are more important...

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From my portfolio


Productish is a podcast about the challenges and common conflicts in modern product-development. I am a permanent co-host there.

Pay With A Tweet

Pay With A Tweet is a software-as-a-service to allow your to spark referal-marketing for your product. I did the tech-project-management and a lot of the code.

Open Flair

Open Flair is an open-air music festival which is happening on a yearly basis in Eschwege Germany. I worked on the frontend and design of the website.