Today is a really sad day for me. My beloved Podcast-Client Instacast has closed down due to „no money left“. I normally can remember very vividly things or places that that I’ve been to when listening to spoken words. Therefore the following list is something personal.

There is basically two things in Instacast that kept me from switching for all those years:

  1. The Mac-desktop client that synced flawlessly with the iOS-apps
  2. The list of favorites that I used heavily to collect all the best episodes that I came across.

Since I’m now in danger of losing these favorites, I thought I could compile this list of episodes here for your listening/reading-pleasure.

To my shock this dates back up until 2010, where I added my first episode. Some of these are german. Sorry, but that is the way it is ;-)!

RIP Instacast, you’ll be missed.







Hope this list helps you find something nice to listen to.

I’d love to get to know YOUR favorite episodes.