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I'm technology-enthusiast, project-whisperer and Ruby-programmer.

A new Ruby-gem for the Giantbomb API

You know, I really like videogames. I also really like structured data about stuff. e.g. IMDB or TheMovieDB. When it comes to data for videogames the best place for structured data is hidden in the editorial content of Giantbomb. They also offer a great API that gives access for this data. Sadly the ruby-support in gems was a bit limited.

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When RSPEC with Capybara fails with NotFound while serving AJAX-requests

“Concurrency is a bitch” this famous quote by any developer ever can haunt your everyday work like crazy. Why? Because mainly race-conditions and concurrency does not fit the “normal” way of thinking about code, which normally works like a cursor that processes stuff sequentially.

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The speed of product development is just a feeling

You know, I often get a very strange itch, when on a long-distance flight: After let’s say 3-5 hours after take-off, when I’ve watched the first 0815-movie, looked through the stuff on my iPad, tried to connect to the non-existing wifi - I sometimes hope for turbulence. Not because I’m with my own Tyler Durden, but because it gives me a feeling of “moving forward”. Meaning that something is actually happening with the plane and we are making progress towards the destination. I catch myself smiling sometimes when then actually some bumps happen.

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From my portfolio


Inventerior is a platform for sharing smartphone-homescreen. The platform and technology is done by me.

Pay With A Tweet

Pay With A Tweet is a software-as-a-service to allow your to spark referal-marketing for your product. I did the tech-project-management and a lot of the code.

Open Flair

Open Flair is an open-air music festival which is happening on a yearly basis in Eschwege Germany. I worked on the frontend and design of the website.