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I'm technology-enthusiast, project-whisperer and Ruby-programmer.

The speed of product development is just a feeling

You know, I often get a very strange itch, when on a long-distance flight: After let’s say 3-5 hours after take-off, when I’ve watched the first 0815-movie, looked through the stuff on my iPad, tried to connect to the non-existing wifi - I sometimes hope for turbulence. Not because I’m with my own Tyler Durden, but because it gives me a feeling of “moving forward”. Meaning that something is actually happening with the plane and we are making progress towards the destination. I catch myself smiling sometimes when then actually some bumps happen.

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The best 35 podcast-episodes since 2010

Today is a really sad day for me. My beloved Podcast-Client Instacast has closed down due to „no money left“. I normally can remember very vividly things or places that that I’ve been to when listening to spoken words. Therefore the following list is something personal.

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Fixing failing SSL-certificate verification with RVM/OSX Yosemite

I just returned from a world of hate and am going to tell you my war story, in order to spare you the trip.

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From my portfolio


Inventerior is a platform for sharing smartphone-homescreen. The platform and technology is done by me.

Pay With A Tweet

Pay With A Tweet is a software-as-a-service to allow your to spark referal-marketing for your product. I did the tech-project-management and a lot of the code.

Open Flair

Open Flair is an open-air music festival which is happening on a yearly basis in Eschwege Germany. I worked on the frontend and design of the website.