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I'm technology-enthusiast, project-whisperer and Ruby-programmer.

The best 35 podcast-episodes since 2010

Today is a really sad day for me. My beloved Podcast-Client Instacast has closed down due to „no money left“. I normally can remember very vividly things or places that that I’ve been to when listening to spoken words. Therefore the following list is something personal.

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Fixing failing SSL-certificate verification with RVM/OSX Yosemite

I just returned from a world of hate and am going to tell you my war story, in order to spare you the trip.

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Die Katastrophe und die Berichterstattung

Ich gebe gerne vorweg etwas zu: Der Absturz von Germanwings 4U9525 ist schrecklich in seinen Auswirkungen und mysteriös in seinen Umständen. Dass ein deutsches Flugzeug ohne äußere Einflüsse abstürzt ist zudem noch äußerst ungewöhnlich und deshalb umso aufmerksamkeitsfordernder.

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From my portfolio


Inventerior is a platform for sharing smartphone-homescreen. The platform and technology is done by me.

Pay With A Tweet

Pay With A Tweet is a software-as-a-service to allow your to spark referal-marketing for your product. I did the tech-project-management and a lot of the code.

Open Flair

Open Flair is an open-air music festival which is happening on a yearly basis in Eschwege Germany. I worked on the frontend and design of the website.